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Eye Doctor Jacksonville Florida

Cataracts in Jacksonville Florida

Eye doctor Jacksonville Florida

Eye doctor Jacksonville Florida

If your vision has become blurred, and you have trouble seeing clearly while driving at night, you may have cataracts. At our ophthalmology practice, Quality Eye Care, our eye doctor Jacksonville Florida, Dr. Hazem Samy, can definitively diagnose your cataracts and provide you with laser-assisted cataract surgery, if needed.

Our eye doctor Jacksonville Florida will be able to determine whether or not you have cataracts during a comprehensive eye exam. Cataracts can occur in one or both eyes. When a person has a cataract, it means that the lens of the eye has become cloudy and damaged. Cataracts are very common in patients over 60. The good news is that if you develop cataracts, they can be easily corrected with laser eye surgery, in most cases. This surgery takes a very short time to perform, and the patient remains perfectly comfortable during the procedure due to our use of anesthetic eye drops. When you are first diagnosed with cataracts, you may be able to have your vision temporarily corrected with a new lens prescription. However, most cataracts will progress to the point that they will cause total blindness, if not treated. Therefore, you will almost definitely reach the point when you will need to have laser cataract surgery. During laser cataract surgery, the natural damaged very lens of your eye is removed and replaced with a new man-made lens. This is done through a tiny incision that is made in your eye. There is no need for the ophthalmologist to use any stitches or bandages at the end of the surgery. Recovery from cataract surgery generally takes a short amount of time – less than 30 minutes. There are different types of man-made lenses that can be inserted during the surgery, which most likely will provide you with excellent vision, at one or several distances, once the surgery is completed.

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