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Glaucoma in Jacksonville

Jacksonville eye specialist

Jacksonville eye specialist

When the pressure in your eye exceeds the normal, safe level, you have glaucoma. It can occur at any age, and there are no obvious symptoms to alert you to it until the disease has become advanced. Unfortunately, it cannot be prevented. But here at Quality Eye Care, it is our priority to detect glaucoma as early as possible so that treatment will be most effective. In order for that to happen, you should come in once per year for a comprehensive eye exam with our Jacksonville eye specialist.

At the root of glaucoma is that your eyes are creating more fluid than they can effectively drain. Typically, the fluid is made, circulates, and then drains. With glaucoma, though, the fluid builds up, and along with it, so does your eye pressure. In some cases, this eye disease can come about from an eye infection, inflammation, or from chemical contamination or some other eye injury. It can be worse in one eye than the other, but generally it affects both eyes. Symptoms are a sign that glaucoma has progressed. Among them are any degree of vision loss, tunnel vision, haziness of the eyes, and nausea or vomiting, especially when accompanied by one or more of the other indications. If you notice any of them, you should get checked out by our Jacksonville eye specialist promptly. Tonometry is a test that measures your internal eye pressure. And so it is a key method for determining the presence of glaucoma. Other testing will be done in order to reach a definitive diagnosis. Treatment options include applying special eye drops to reduce fluid production, laser treatments to increase efficiency of drainage, and microsurgery to form a new channel for drainage.

Our Jacksonville eye specialist will manage your glaucoma for you. The sooner it is found, the better your odds of a positive outcome. Set up an appointment for an exam by calling our office right now.

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