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Jacksonville Ophthalmologist

Comprehensive ophthalmology care in Jacksonville

Jacksonville ophthalmologist

Jacksonville ophthalmologist

If you are looking for an ophthalmology practice that offers the very highest level of eye care, you should visit our ophthalmology practice, Quality Eye Care. Our expert and highly trained Jacksonville ophthalmologist, Dr. Hazem Samy, has unique qualifications in neuro-ophthalmology and glaucoma.

When you want to see a leading Jacksonville ophthalmologist for help with your vision problem, or want to have a thorough eye exam, we know that you will be extremely pleased with the treatment and care that you get at our ophthalmology practice. Our ophthalmologist can provide neuro-ophthalmic consultation for patients who have: multiple sclerosis; thyroid eye disease; optic neuritis; an unexplained loss of vision; brain stroke; or tumors which affect their vision. Our eye doctor can also provide adult strabismus surgery for some patients suffering with double vision. Our ophthalmologist also specializes in glaucoma treatment. At our office our eye doctor can provide glaucoma patients with both medical and surgical care. He is able to perform laser trabeculoplasty or laser iridotomy for glaucoma patients. He also can provide patients with iStents or glaucoma drainage device surgery. When you are suffering with glaucoma, prevention is extremely important so that the disease does not go on to cause damage to the optic nerve. Unfortunately, when vision is lost to glaucoma it generally cannot be reclaimed, so preventive therapy is extremely important. Our ophthalmologist also provides conventional and laser-assisted surgery for patients who have cataracts. If you simply need a comprehensive eye exam, you can receive that as well at our vision practice. We also offer diabetic eye exams to make sure that your eyes are remaining healthy. Our eye doctor can also perform a uveitis evaluation, as well as treat dry eye and blepharitis.

For an appointment to see our Jacksonville ophthalmologist for the very best eye care, contact us today.

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