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Jacksonville Ophthalmology Office

Comprehensive ophthalmology in Jacksonville

Jacksonville ophthalmology office

Jacksonville ophthalmology office

Thanks for Quality Eye Care. We’ve been providing the best and most comprehensive ophthalmology services to the Jacksonville area for many years. Our eye disease testing takes place in our comfortable and clean Jacksonville ophthalmology office, which we equip with the latest in technology. Our vision treatment center and personalized eye care solutions help us provide better eye care for you and your entire family. We’re happy to help you and speak with you about your current eye health, and how we can better serve you and your ophthalmology needs.

Our treatment goals focus on the diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions. Early treatment can help ward off many eye disease problems and progressive eyesight issues that can cause vision loss over time. We believe annual eye exams and eye care are the best tools to helping maintain healthy eyes. There are certain eye diseases and conditions that an eye exam is designed to catch before they progress. The exam done at our Jacksonville ophthalmology office includes a refraction for glasses or contact lenses, a slit lamp exam, a test for intraocular pressure, and a full exam of the retina.

Intraocular pressure testing checks for glaucoma, which can come on slowly, and without warning. We also cater to children, who can be affected by vision problems at a young age, especially before they enter school. Developing eyes must be checked at least once a year to ensure children are able to learn properly. Undetected vision problems can harm their progress academically and athletically if they are not seeing correctly. Our Jacksonville ophthalmology office finds that your child’s vision is developing normally, they will only need to come back once or twice a year for exams. Most adults and children only need an annual exam, while seniors should have their eyes checked often, especially if they have some type of eye disease.

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